With trusted experience and commitment to unlocking the true potential of every property, Truslan Project Development and Management transforms ordinary spaces into innovative, quality homes and commercial buildings.

Truslan PDM’s point of difference comes from researching, understanding and leveraging the deep insights within the local community we build in. Coupled with our meticulous planning, we deliver exclusive residences that form the foundation of a modern, thriving community.Truslan PDM's experienced trusted team provides guidance and leadership to bring high-quality developments to market. The company's dedicated hands-on approach to project management ensures efficient and cost-effective delivery, from start to finish.

What we do

Site identification, procurement, and acquisition

  • Thorough site analysis and evaluation
  • Extensive market research and analysis
  • Comprehensive assessment of commercial and financial feasibility
  • Rigorous project risk assessment, including planning, site restrictions, & market factors
  • Evaluation of development requirements and necessary resources

Design, development, and approval process

  • Consulting, selection, and appointment of key stakeholders
  • Comprehensive budget control and oversight
  • Development and refinement of design concepts
  • Effective management of development application program
  • Seamless coordination with consultants and planning authorities

Development of detailed design

  • Review and adherence to approved development application (DA) and consent conditions
  • Management of detailed design for finishes and fitments, specifically tailored for tender purposes
  • Providing alternative solutions to meet budget expectations and development of cost plans

Tendering and construction phase

  • Preparation of tender documents and facilitation of the negotiation process
  • Identification of builders' scopes and contract negotiation
  • Ratification of construction stage design
  • Effective management of the construction program

Physical completion and delivery

  • Efficient management of the handover process, including design documentation and compliance with consent requirements
  • Effective communication and coordination with the council to ensure fulfilment of consent obligations
  • Overall management of the delivery process, ensuring timely and successful physical completion

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